Almond Joy Sundae

I have always been a fan of almond joy bars as a child. That chewy coconut interior covered in chocolate with the almond crunch, was definitely one of my top 3 favorite candies as a child.


I wanted to create something very similar but in a completely different way. So we created the Almond Joy Sundae. I got the inspiration from my Coconut Sorbet recipe because it’s so full of coconut flavor and absolutely delicious!

 Chocolate cookie sundae. Ice cream sundae. Almond joy sundae

We highly suggest you make the coconut sorbet for this recipe ahead of time because it’s really easy to make and trust me it’s addicting!! If you don’t have the equipment to make it or can’t find it in the store, vanilla or even strawberry Ice cream/gelato would be a good substitute. 

 All you need for this recipe is:

1) Flourless Chocolate Cookies

2) coconut sorbet or your favorite ice cream/ gelato

3) chocolate syrup

4) toasted slivered almonds and shaved coconut


Once you have everything in hand it’s just a matter of assembling the Sundae. Super simple!!




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