Vanilla Gelato

Vanilla Gelato is truly one of our favorites! Some people associate vanilla with being a plain flavor because it’s so common and has been reduced in flavor by the use of more artificial products and the absence of real vanilla beans. We packed as much vanilla as possible in this recipe to truly change your opinion and make you think twice about buying store bought vanilla ice cream!

Vanilla Gelato pairs perfectly with so many of your favorite desserts from pies to cake's and cookies. It also can be made into a delicious milk shake, or a tasty sundae drizzled with your favorite toppings: chocolate fudge or a berry sauce topped with a scoop of home-made whipped cream. This  is the reason Vanilla Gelato is top popular flavor, because of its versatility.  Here is a recipe you will want to keep in your recipe book, made with real vanilla beans, pure vanilla extract. Simply delicious!!


Here is our Lemon Syrup Cake with vanilla gelato topped with a delicious mixed berry sauce!



    What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?


Gelato and ice cream are very similar and can contain the same ingredients, however, gelato has a higher milk to cream ratio and has less eggs than ice cream.  The churning process is slower, making it more dense and hold more flavor per bite.





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