Lemon Brûlée Tart

Such a fantastic dessert, this lemon brûlée tart is sure to impress any lemon lover! This dessert is not only easy to make, it’s absolutely delicious! 


Let’s go over what you will need to make this tart:

1) 11 inch tart shell (additional items required to make the crust)

2) Blow torch (optional)


There are a few steps required in this recipe:

1) Make the tart crust

2) Make lemon custard

2) Par bake tart crust  & pour in lemon custard

3) Bake it again.

4) Let it cool, then brûlée.


Sounds confusing right?

Not really! This dessert is actually very easy to make and can be prepared days in advance! The brûlée top is optional, however, it gives it a caramelized crunch that is absolutely amazing!


More tips

1) You can freeze your crust in the tart shell pan a day or 2 ahead of time. 

2) You can also mix your custard ingredients a few hours ahead of time and set in fridge until ready to use. (just mix again before filling tart)




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